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Dear members,

Please pay attention to the rules.
This group is dedicated to Ashley and Kaidan as homosexual LIs for John and Jane Shepard.
Samantha Traynor and Steve Cortez were added as a gallery option because they are strictly lesbian / gay.
Please neither Liara/Jane nor anything else, since there are enough other groups featuring this pairing already.
No Single John / Jane / Ashley / Kaidan either if not visible they are connected to the same sex Commander or anything alike.
It has to be obvious the single character is homosexual and in love with the other one.

Plus, we still need a new icon! Entries are welcome.
Dear members,

I want to inform you that we're having a Jane x Samantha and a John x Steve folder now, cause several people tried to submit artworks with that content here.
Since Samantha is THE lesbian romance in ME3, and Steve the gay one, I think it's justified, even if our focus is still on Ashley and Kaidan as gay romances!

Many greets and lots of love,
GayShepard staff

PS: We need two new contributors!
Any idea? Please comment if you want the job. :)
Hey folks,

We have a new icon since the first one has been there for so long already.
I think we should have a new one each few month, so feel free to create some and upload them! I think collecting all of them would be nice, so :icongeorgiale-flayart:, feel free to put your one here, too.
Hello folks,

What's your opinion on the Citadel DLC?
To avoid Spoilers I do not talk about it yet and who haven't played it yet should avoid reading the comments!
Hello darlings,

I'm interested in your desires.
What are you dreaming of seeing here?
Maybe a certain picture or text from a certain artist?

Of course, there is no guarantee your wish will be fulfilled, but maybe the visions inspire other people (or the artists themselves).

For example, I wonder how :iconmarcc-us:' picture :thumb338469434: would look like with Ash and Jane. No suggestion, but I wonder.

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